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Detoxing With Depression And Addiction Near Atlanta

Depression is a common underlying source of substance use disorders, and this co-occurring condition needs to be managed during detox. If you’re set to tackle your addiction directly but feel held back by depression, Sunrise is available to help. Our detox team treats adults with depression and addiction in Atlanta. If you’re ready to make the opening step to a substance-free life, reach out to us at (678) 928-6557.

We Recognize The Bond Between Depression And Substance Use

Finding effective treatment for depression presents various obstacles, so it’s unsurprising if you self-medicate with addictive alcohol or drugs. Sadly, relying on these substances may send you into a damaging self-medication pattern. As the feel-good effect of alcohol or drugs wears off, you sink lower than you were before and are driven to use again to feel better. This depression/addiction spiral rapidly becomes unmanageable and dominates your life.

Sunrise Detox Alpharetta will help you successfully detox from drugs or alcohol. We know about the bond between depression and substance addiction and will confront both concurrently at our inpatient treatment center. We provide a safe setting for you to detox and make the opening step towards substance use recovery. Reach out to us at (678) 928-6557 at any hour to see how we’ll help you safely detox and care for your mental health.

Our Services For Depression And Addiction Near Atlanta

The first step in overcoming alcohol or drug use disorders is detoxing from these habit-forming substances. Detoxing alone can be dangerous and ought to be done with direction from licensed professionals. Co-occurring disorders such as depression add another barrier. Sunrise Detox Alpharetta provides expert medical detox service that will manage both depression and addiction near Atlanta.

Timing is crucial when you begin detoxing, so we work to get you admitted rapidly. Once you get here, you will be given an evaluation to look at your drug or alcohol use, your medical experiences, and your current status. If you have a prior diagnosis of depression, we should know so we may help you manage those symptoms while detoxing.

Medical Care During Detox

All patients get a personal treatment plan, including how to handle your withdrawal and any co-occurring mental disorders. Our medical staff will lessen withdrawal symptoms using safe doses of authorized medications. If you are using antidepressants, we’ll make sure you continue receiving your medicine as prescribed. We record core vital signs often to keep you safe until you have fully detoxed and regained your strength.

Mental Health Care During Detox

Because depression is a regular co-occurring disorder with drug and alcohol addiction, we want to ensure your mental health is supported at Sunrise Detox. You are able to go to therapy and peer support groups here when you feel able. We give you access to:

  • Individual therapy: work privately with a credentialed therapist to investigate the causes of your depression and addiction.
  • Group therapy: listen to and share observations about addiction and mental health with fellow patients.
  • Peer support groups: talk to knowledgeable volunteers who have advanced through their own recovery and wish to help you with yours.
  • Aftercare Plans: determine the next steps to your recovery, including the management of depression and substance use.

This additional layer of support helps you cope with detox and begin to take control of your mental health.

Why Choose Sunrise Detox Alpharetta For Inpatient Detox Services?

We strive to make detox as agreeable as we can for you and address mental health simultaneously. We believe helping you get through this first step in a judgment-free, compassionate fashion will set the stage for further success on your way to recovery.

To start you on the right foot, we provide professional care in a hospitable surrounding where you’ll receive

  • Safe, proven medical care for withdrawal
  • Attention from on-site staff 24 hours a day
  • Vital sign monitoring every 2-4 hours
  • Voluntary mental health therapy
  • Enough time for breaks and recuperation
  • Space far from triggers for drug and alcohol use
  • A nicely furnished bedroom with private bathroom
  • Wholesome, chef-prepared meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Access to the resident recreational lounge
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Guidance for questions in regard to billing and insurance

Get Assistance For Depression And Addiction Near Atlanta Today

Don’t wait if you need help detoxing while battling with depression. Sunrise is here to support you. Call (678) 928-6557 or fill out our contact form on this page for immediate assistance. A representative will answer quickly, regardless of the time or day. We’re ready to help you now.