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Advising You And Your Family Members Through Detox

 Sunrise Detox Alpharetta understands how alcohol and drug use has an impact on the entire family. We also realize that these challenges often persist even if someone close to you begins treatment for addiction. We want to provide life-changing detox services and information for Atlanta area families and assist them in learning how to encourage a loved one in their time of need.

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Plan Interventions With Help From Sunrise Detox Alpharetta

When you and additional family members and friends are worried about a loved one with alcohol or drug use addiction, you might try to put on an intervention. During an intervention, important individuals in your family member’s life talk about how their addiction affects all people close to them. You will also want to lay out what will happen if they choose not to seek treatment.

If performed in the right way, interventions will encourage a family member to pursue assistance. Sunrise Detox Alpharetta helps arrange and execute constructive interventions under the advisement of specialized interventionists. We recommend knowledgeable interventionists who can aid you in designing a proper plan of action and direct the conversation with your loved one. And if your family member agrees to begin treatment, you are able to reach out to us to book a room at our detox facility promptly or help you find other relevant care.

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What You Should Know About Alcohol And Drug Detox At Sunrise

Sunrise Detox Alpharetta realizes our residents have people in their lives who love them and want them to receive the highest level of treatment at our detox facility near Atlanta. This is one of the reasons why we tailor our services to your loved one’s unique requirements and are straightforward about what you may anticipate from us.

Our patients have the most success whenever they are able to direct their attention exclusively on detoxing away from external influences. We also make the confidentiality of patients a leading responsibility. In light of these reasons, we do not allow visitors on our premises. However, your family member will have the chance to use the phone with staff permission, and we also communicate with you routinely.

Shortly after admission, we get approval to call the family to discuss family relationships and how those dynamics influence and are influenced by alcohol or drug use. Once that is done, we make daily phone calls to every individual’s emergency contact to keep them informed with details on how things are going and to answer questions. Throughout your loved one’s time with us, our skilled nursing staff and clinicians support them with individualized medical care and maintain their comfort with comfortable, safe accommodations and well-balanced meals.

How We Support You With A Loved One Undergoing Detox

When our staff talks to an emergency contact about the individual in our care, we also communicate how family and friends are able to provide support when they leave us. We allow you to take an active role in their aftercare planning and give you recommendations for allowing them to get additional treatment. We’ll also discuss how your family is able to deal with the challenges of having a person close to you in detox and substance use recovery. We realize that our patients will do better when they have lots of help from family, and we are here to help you figure out the best ways to support them.

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Tips In Supporting A Loved One In Substance Use Recovery

Sometimes it’s a challenge to know how to support an individual recovering from substance use. Here are a few tips for friends and family:

    • Explore resources on substance use and the recovery process
    • Communicate with them regularly and practice active listening
    • Learn constructive communication methods
    • Respect their boundaries
    • Assist in finding treatment if they’re OK to move forward
    • Arrange a way to get to the proper facility
    • Don’t judge, criticize, or blame
    • Go to family therapy with your loved one

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