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How To Talk To A Loved One About Addiction Near Atlanta

April 19, 2024

It’s quite common for you to detect the signs of alcohol or drug use in someone you love before they do. Having difficulties handling commitments, being secretive or defensive about substance use, or appearing sick can all be signs of addiction.

But how do you converse with them about this uncomfortable matter? The main thing you don’t want to do is turn away a person who is struggling with substance use. Here’s how to talk to a loved one about addiction near Atlanta and how to start them on the recovery path.

Discuss Their Substance Use Where They Are Most At Ease

Confronting a loved one about their substance use is known as an intervention. This is the time when you inform them that you know they have a condition and want them to find specialized help.

Speaking about their dependency will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for them. Let them feel relaxed by hosting the intervention in a familiar place, like their home or a favorite hangout. If you wish to have some backup, call other friends or family who know and are concerned about this individual. You also should pick a starting time when everyone will have enough time to talk things over.

Be Straightforward And Sincere

When talking about addiction, you must be straightforward. Don’t skirt the subject or use confusing euphemisms. Tell your loved one that you are worried about their alcohol or drug use. Relate the red flags of addiction you see, like being secretive, withdrawing from family and friends, avoiding obligations, or engaging in risky behavior. Detail the withdrawal symptoms that you’ve seen, like how they become sick and irritable when they abstain from their substance. Impress upon them that you are worried about their safety, love them, and want to help.

The person you’re trying to help might respond in a negative manner. Regardless of how kindly you address them, they could feel ashamed, embarrassed, or angry. Keep speaking in a firm but civil manner. Avoid squabbling or shouting. Don’t forget, your goal is to help them get better, not feel more inadequate.

Give Them A Chance To Speak

Your loved one may feel attacked or overburdened if you dominate the conversation. Give them a chance to respond when they want to. They might not have much to say at first. Or, they could be combative. Let them express themselves and avoid being judgmental. Don't push them if they aren’t set to engage or accept help today. Let them know you’re able to converse when they want, and you will check in with them another day.

Establish And Enforce Your LimitsLimitations

A substance use disorder is harmful to more than the one using drugs or alcohol. If your family member’s or friend’s addiction is having an impact on you, tell them. Establish limits to stop it from impacting you even more. That might include advising them you will not provide them with money or they can’t communicate with impressionable loved ones until they begin recovery. If they don’t agree to those limits, hold your ground. Boundaries protect you and prove how serious you are about the situation.

Offer To Help Them Find Treatment

Getting treatment for addiction is daunting, so offer to help your loved one. This is one of the most vital elements of how to talk to a loved one about their addiction near Atlanta. Research addiction treatment centers and come prepared with the details you find. Offer to place the call on their behalf, provide a ride, or help with the cost of treatment, if feasible. If they decline treatment, inform them you’ll keep the documentation you uncovered and help them when they’re prepared to move forward.

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